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vision, mission, values



We are at the forefront of delivering high quality event experiences in Scotland. We are sought out across Scotland due to the intimate nature of our events and the reputation of delivering beyond expectation.



We deliver high quality event experiences, which are intimate in nature, that surpass the expectations of our customers and attendees.



We are always learning, insatiably curious and committed to getting better every day. Here are the important principles that guide the way we work:


  • We are honest, transparent and reliable. Delivering with integrity.

  • We respect each other, our customers, our partners and our attendees; building trust through open communication.

  • We ensure premium value to our customers and attendees by providing high quality, affordable, intimate event experiences.

  • We are committed to exceeding expectations and work collaboratively with customers, partners    and attendees to achieve this goal.

  • We are imaginative in our thinking and always aim to develop fresh, creative ideas. 

  • We are accountable for delivering on our commitments.​



Dundee based 'Wee Davie' brings imagination and idealist thinking to the team as he strives to produce unique experiences. 

Favourite Guest Speaker:  Ally McCoist

Most Desired Guest Speaker:  Sir Alex Ferguson


Arbroath based 'Big Mark' brings pragmatism and professionalism to the team as he endeavours to provide a personal service.

Favourite Guest Speaker:  The Cast of Still Game

Most Desired Guest Speaker: Sir Alex Ferguson

The duo compliment each other well and always aim to deliver beyond expectation.




Best Western Invercarse Hotel

The Invercarse Hotel is ideal whether you are looking for a comfortable room to stay the night, a meeting room, a stunning event venue or a delicious meal in Dundee.








Elvie Framing

Elvie Framing use the best materials and plenty of expertise. Whether its paintings, photos, prints or sports shirts each frame is custom made and hand-finished in Dundee.










Derek Gerrard Photography

Derek Gerrard prides himself on the level of service he provides to his clients. He aims to deliver not only fantastic photography but also a professional service that goes far beyond the usual standard.









Bruce Clark Printers

Bruce Clark Printers have over 42 years of experience in supplying printing services to Dundee and the local surrounding areas of Tayside.








Circle Signs

Circle Signs professional, efficient and creative team provide quality signage delivering an all-round service that beats expectations on every job.

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